v1.5.50 - Better gamepad support and more!

The 1.5.50 patch is now live and it brings with it plenty of updates, bug fixes, and new features. There is better fallback handling for controllers and gamepads that aren't officially supported, so if your device didn't work before, chances are it will now.

As usual, there are plenty of balance changes as well to address the latest community feedback and input from high-level players. Aether has received the most notable changes, and is more cohesive and focused with care put into his risk/reward ratio. Here are the full patch notes:


  • NET: Join & invite your Steam friends through the in-game lobby menu or Steam friends list
  • GAME: Experimental fallback for unsupported controllers & generic USB gamepads
  • GAME: Added an achievement for completing the training
  • UI: Your Steam nickname will show at the top left of the title screen
  • UI: New lobby chat message: "I'm going to spectate this match."
  • PREFS: Set your own data export path in the "config.json" file in the game directory


  • GAME: The shield is only lost when dealt actual damage (not via stuns, Yeti breath, etc)
  • GAME: Lower chance of character repetition when choosing random heroes
  • GAME: More obvious shocked/soft-stun effect and audio
  • GAME: Bubble Suit removed
  • NET: Online play requires the latest version if there's an update available
  • AETHER: Aether is immobile for 0.3s after a ground pound
  • AETHER: Aether's spam cooldown increased from 0.5s to 0.7s
  • AETHER: Aether's pound has a circular radius of 2 units from his center
  • AETHER: Pound hard stuns for 1.25s
  • AETHER: Pound pushback force is uniform
  • CARMEN: Destroyed block rubble remains for 3s instead of 0.5s
  • PROTEUS: Tagged players are slowed more (multiplier changed from 0.65x to 0.45x)
  • PROTEUS: The Scanner Drone can't be self-destroyed while pulse-revealing players
  • IRIS: Spam allowed reduced from 3 to 2
  • EPI: Epi has an ability cooldown of 2s if the ghost is killed (no self-imposed cooldown)
  • UI: "Join Public Match" is now "Quick Match" with an icon update
  • UI: Searching for a public match in "Any" region is faster
  • UI: More fun title screen news


  • GAME: Fixed projectiles having no velocity if split while being reflected
  • GAME: Fixed controller lockup in lobby when switching from previously chosen player slots
  • GAME: Fixed perma-visibility after teleporting while revealed
  • GAME: Fixed disappearing revealer if it's pursuing a teleporting player
  • GAME: Fixed possibility that a Beast Tamer pit beast could spawn outside the map
  • AETHER: Aether no longer gets stunned if walking into a player that he pounded
  • EPI: Fixed real Epi teleporting to ghost Epi if inputs are triggered twice in a frame
  • UI: Fixed some lobby UI initialization before an online match is created
  • UI: Fixed edge cases that could cause a client to be stuck "waiting for host" in the lobby
  • UI: Fixed pause menu "Return to Lobby" button for Challenge Mode
  • UI: Fixed color & bloom values in field guide


Invisigun - Windows 195 MB
Version v1.5.50 Sep 22, 2017
Invisigun - Mac 196 MB
Version v1.5.50 Sep 22, 2017
Invisigun - Linux 196 MB
Version v1.5.50 Sep 22, 2017
Invisigun Heroes - Guest Edition - Windows 140 MB
Version v1.5.50 - GUEST EDITION Sep 22, 2017
Invisigun Heroes - Guest Edition - Mac 140 MB
Version v1.5.50 - GUEST EDITION Sep 22, 2017
Invisigun Heroes - Guest Edition - Linux 140 MB
Version v1.5.50 - GUEST EDITION Sep 22, 2017

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