v1.6.25 - 3 new maps, updates, fixes, and Italian localization

The v1.6.25 patch is now live! Aside from plenty of bug fixes, the most notable tweaks include changes to Cronus and Proteus to bring them more in balance to the rest of cast, and some quality of life UI improvements. To round it off, check out the 3 all new Cerebrus maps created by community Cartographers, and enjoy 100% Italian localization!


  • Localization: Italian
  • New Cerebrus map: Summit
  • New Cerebrus map: Yinyang
  • New Cerebrus map: Polar Express


  • CRONUS: Bombs no longer show nearby player indicator
  • CRONUS: Bomb impact area powers up the longer the target is left out
  • CRONUS: Bombs briefly show the impact area when a target is marked
  • PROTEUS: Scanner drone shocks tagged players 2 times instead of 3
  • PROTEUS: Scanner drone re-deploy cooldown also applies to self-destruction
  • UI: Simplified lobby host info; better readability and presentation
  • UI: "Join Code" is now known as a "Join Key"
  • UI: Post-round scoreboard shows Steam nicknames
  • UI: Post-match stats table headers changed to icons for localization space
  • UI: Reduced controller vibration in some UI scenes
  • GFX: Better tile transitions in maps with very different adjacent surface types
  • GFX: Improved Selene's victory pose sprite


  • CRONUS: Fixed an issue where the center bomb tiles spawned simultaneously instead of staggered
  • CRONUS: Fixed bomb trails damaging scanner drones by touching their scan radius
  • GAME: Fixed revealer carrying over to the next round
  • CARRIER: Fixed carrier ball interactions while players are teleporting
  • UI: Fixed being able to quickly back out of scenes while they are transitioning in
  • UI: Fixed "Player Disconnected" popups when remote clients try to join an active match
  • UI: Fixed spam cooldown indicator still visible when a player dies
  • UI: Fixed blank lobby region flag when joining a match in "ANY" region
  • UI: Fixed flag icon showing in lobby when connected via IP
  • UI: Long controller names are truncated in lobby player selectors
  • GFX: Fixed pit beasts sorting issues with sand piles
  • GFX: Fixed y-sorting of Beast Tamer coins
  • GFX: Fixed y-sorting of some fence posts on Ice Prison
  • GFX: Fixed map objects showing proper bump FX over network
  • SFX: Fixed music fade out when exiting challenge mode


Invisigun - Windows 198 MB
Version v1.6.25 Feb 28, 2018
Invisigun - Mac 202 MB
Version v1.6.25 Feb 28, 2018
Invisigun - Linux 201 MB
Version v1.6.25 Feb 28, 2018
Invisigun Heroes - Guest Edition - Windows 140 MB
Version v1.6.25 - GUEST EDITION Feb 28, 2018
Invisigun Heroes - Guest Edition - Mac 140 MB
Version v1.6.25 - GUEST EDITION Feb 28, 2018
Invisigun Heroes - Guest Edition - Linux 140 MB
Version v1.6.25 - GUEST EDITION Feb 28, 2018

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