v1.5.20 - 5 all new maps, balance updates, bug fixes

I'm happy to announce that the latest patch is now live! There are many important balance changes, updates, improvements, and bug fixes contained here, so please peruse the full changelog below if you're interested in all the details.


  • MAPS: New Nemoris map: The Orchard
  • MAPS: New Glaciarii map: The Outpost
  • MAPS: New Arx-515 map: The Nerve Center
  • MAPS: New Arenae map: The Chasm
  • MAPS: New Craterus map: The Catacombs
  • UI: New lobby chat message: "Are you ready?"
  • UI: New lobby chat message: "Waiting for more cadets..."
  • UI: The scoreboard shows a progress bar while a player is waiting to respawn
  • UI: Redesigned the battle mode select interface
  • CARMEN: Destroyed builder blocks leave rubble for 0.5s that prevent new blocks in the same spot


  • GAME: Base reload speed increased from 0.5s to 0.75s
  • GAME: Resistance distance reduced from 5 to 4
  • GAME: Reload Speed powerup stack increased from 2 to 3
  • GAME: Updated death animation sprites to show Invisigun dropping
  • GAME: Respawn time for respawn game modes scales up with player count (4s, 5s, 6s)
  • GAME: Beast Tamer diameter increased from 3 tiles to 5 tiles
  • GAME: Zone Control default time reduced from 60s to 45s
  • NET: Split shots for laggy clients is more accurate to local projectile position
  • NET: Reduced some bandwidth usage
  • NET: Smoother player movement
  • UI: Added new victory phrases from tournament winner (Scaltra)
  • UI: Brightened player nicknames on scoreboard a little bit
  • UI: Achievements earned scene can be skipped
  • PROTEUS: Scanner drone movement speed increased from 6.5 to 7.5
  • PROTEUS: Scanner debuff time increased from 1s to 1.5s
  • PROTEUS: Scanner drone shock effects match debuff duration
  • PROTEUS: Scanner drone does not stop moving when shocking tagged players
  • EPI: Epi no longer fakes a step effect when toggling the ghost
  • IRIS: Improved dash feel & visual smoothness online
  • CARMEN: Bumping blocks 5 times also damages them instead of just removing the reflector
  • AETHER: Projectiles in range are no longer damaged on the first windup frame
  • GFX: More color variation in bird flocks

Map Updates

  • The Great Hall: Removed 4 trigger walls to open up channels into the center
  • Carte Blanche: Updated to have 2 carrier tokens at top & bottom centers


  • UI: Fixed some color tinting issues with hero images
  • UI: Fixed cooldown indicator orientation for mirrored spectator rounds
  • UI: Fixed initial scoreboard values in time-delayed spectator mode
  • UI: Fixed time-delay icon showing up when there are no spectators
  • GAME: Fixed carrier starting positions on Red Rob's Border
  • GAME: Fixed carrier starting positions on Ring of Fire
  • GAME: Fixed head start visibility when host is spectating
  • GAME: Fixed stall if the round ended early while a host specator was in time delay
  • GAME: Fixed carrier token positioning while teleporting
  • GAME: Fixed zone colors being too washed out for bright color palette choices
  • GAME: Fixed soft lockup if starting a public online match after exiting challenge mode
  • PROTEUS: Fixed potential scanner drone movement due to nearby physics collisions
  • PROTEUS: Fixed scanner drone targeting behaviour for tags that are out of bounds
  • PROTEUS: Fixed edge case that could prevent drone destruction & cause double-shocking
  • AETHER: Fixed windup FX staying onscreen in profile demo
  • IRIS: Fixed dashing perpendicularly while moving between two tiles
  • IRIS: Fixed sorting of dash trail
  • IRIS: Fixed trim color tinting of dash trail sprites 
  • PHOEBE: Fixed sorting of portals and zone control effects
  • AUDIO: Fixed chained audio events not compensating for spectator mirroring
  • AUDIO: Fixed match over audio cue playing early for delayed spectator matches
  • AUDIO: Fixed hard panning of audio cues at horizontal map boundaries
  • SYSTEM: Added fallback handler for corrupt stats data
  • SYSTEM: Added fallback handler for corrupt challenge data


Invisigun - Windows 195 MB
Version v1.5.20 Aug 31, 2017
Invisigun - Mac 196 MB
Version v1.5.20 Aug 31, 2017
Invisigun - Linux 196 MB
Version v1.5.20 Aug 31, 2017
Invisigun Heroes - Guest Edition - Windows 140 MB
Version v1.5.20 - GUEST EDITION Aug 31, 2017
Invisigun Heroes - Guest Edition - Mac 140 MB
Version v1.5.20 - GUEST EDITION Aug 31, 2017
Invisigun Heroes - Guest Edition - Linux 140 MB
Version v1.5.20 - GUEST EDITION Aug 31, 2017

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