v1.4.5 - Full Japanese localization

Pleased to announce that Invisigun is now fully localized in Japanese as of the 1.4.5 update. Simply head into options and choose between "EN" and "JP" as your locale - no restart necessary. As more translation work gets underway, additional locales will be available in future patches. As always, full online play between regions is supported as your language preference has no bearing on your preferred network region.

Here is the full changelog:


  • Localization: Japanese


  • Ping times displayed in the UI are clamped at maximum values


  • Fixed default values for some UI text labels
  • Fixed handling of input during splash screen transitions
  • Fixed replay rewind audio cue stacking up on repeat
  • Epi does not flash when activating his ability
  • Fixed chat indicators briefly showing when quickly exiting the lobby
  • Fixed sorting issue with drone and blizzards
  • Fixed fade out of blizzard audio when replays are finished
  • Teleporters rewritten from scratch to address local & online issues
  • Fixed issues with teleporting while stunned or soft stunned
  • Fixed sorting issue with frozen players and powerups
  • Fixed players sometimes getting bumped when adjacent to a frozen player
  • Fixed positioning issues with frozen players and some collision edge cases
  • Fixed positioning of Full Version lock icon in main menu for Guest Edition
  • Fixed missing dust kickup FX while running & visible on clients
  • Fixed pause menu audio cues playing during replays
  • Reworked blizzard audio cue to fix some edge cases
  • Fixed Ronin's slash hitting his own frozen block
  • Improved keyboard input handling in join scene
  • Improved input validation when typing in an IP address
  • Fixed Epi teleporting if deactivating ghost while standing on a teleporter
  • Fixed pit beasts not receding from an adjacent Epi that has a ghost out

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