v1.5 - The Spectator & Streamer Update

It's time for another BIG patch, once again bringing more fixes, map adjustments, balance tweaks, and two huge new features: Spectator support and Streamer instance support. I'm extremely excited about these in particular because they allow for exciting and unique match perspectives for viewers of live streams.

Spectator Mode

Simply join a lobby and don't choose a hero, and you'll be spectating that match! Spectators can choose to view the game as the players do - but also through a new visibility mode that shows invisible players as silhouettes.

Streamer Instance

Activate the "eye" button on the title screen to launch a second copy of Invisigun alongside the first - and it has a completely unique set of preferences. Coupled with spectator mode, this lets you participate in matches in the first game while streaming a separate spectator copy for your viewers in the second game. Public matches are time-delayed to prevent abuse, while private matches are real-time.

For an in-depth overview of a common streaming + spectating setup, check out LEmental's detailed overview here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1107056480

This hopefully opens up a whole new world of sharing the game's action with others, and I hope you enjoy the slew of other updates with the patch. Here's the full changelog:


  • NET: Spectator mode with visibility options! Simply join a lobby without a hero.
  • NET: Streamer mode lets you launch a 2nd game copy from the title screen with its own persistent preferences
  • UI: Rock paper scissors added to the lobby chat messages :)
  • UI: More game preferences are available in the match pause menu
  • UI: More game preferences are available in the training pause menu
  • UI: You can bring up the options/pause menu in online matches, but the match keeps running


  • UI: Fullscreen and window sizes change immediately rather than after exiting options
  • UI: Inputs are processed only if the game is in focus
  • UI: Notice when instant replays begin
  • UI: Miscellaneous UI presentation updates (logo, Invisigun)
  • UI: Most vertical menus now wrap around when selecting items
  • UI: Outlined some small labels for readability
  • GFX: Hero profile demos show silhouettes for invisible players
  • EPI: Real Epi matches the animations and facing direction of Ghost Epi 1:1
  • GAME: Proximity doors shots to jam reduced from 4 to 3
  • GAME: Proximity doors jam time increased from 8s to 15s
  • MISC: Guest Edition preferences are separate from full edition - some prefs may be reset

Map Updates

  • Pacmanesque: layout adjustments around the center
  • Split Decision: reduced the size of the sand pits
  • The Woods: positioning adjustments of boundary light shafts
  • The Thicket: Side paths created along left and right borders
  • Jungle Tomb: Entrances added to left and right edges of center
  • Edward's Snowed In: Removed snow patches under bushes and blocks
  • Carte Blanche: Removed top and bottom center mine carts
  • Chamber of Time: Removed center light shafts at left and right boundaries
  • X-Claim: Reversed polarity of two trigger walls to open up quadrant dynamics
  • Crypt Creeper: Opened up area surrounding powerups a bit
  • The Crate Divide: Opened up left and right channels a bit
  • The Great Hall: Trigger switches add to top and bottom centers
  • Dual Tracks: Moved spawn points out of the way of mine carts
  • Red Rob's Border: Created nooks in the top and bottom center regions


  • UI: Fixed character images sometimes over-tinting in lobby selectors
  • NET: Fixed timing edge case that could stall a match if a client disconnects
  • EPI: Revealer will continue to reveal both Real and Ghost Epi for its duration
  • IRIS: Fixed her dash trail sprites sometimes facing the wrong way
  • AETHER: Fixed not being able to ground pound sand piles
  • RONIN: Fixed not being able to slash sand piles
  • PHOEBE: Fixed sorting of portal counter label with other objects
  • MAPS: Fixed up some collision issues with neon signs on Arx-515 border walls
  • MAPS: Fixed some doubled-up tiles on Crypt Creeper that caused extraneous bumping
  • MISC: Much more efficient memory allocation of video buffers, less resource churn
  • MISC: Fixed interaction between Split Shots and Resistance
  • MISC: Firing when walking halfway off a portal will not cause you to teleport again
  • GAME: Fixed shots not colliding with their owners after being resisted


Invisigun - Windows 195 MB
Version v1.5.1 Aug 12, 2017
Invisigun - Mac 196 MB
Version v1.5.1 Aug 12, 2017
Invisigun - Linux 196 MB
Version v1.5.1 Aug 12, 2017
Invisigun Heroes - Guest Edition - Windows 140 MB
Version v1.5.1 - GUEST EDITION Aug 12, 2017
Invisigun Heroes - Guest Edition - Mac 140 MB
Version v1.5.1 - GUEST EDITION Aug 12, 2017
Invisigun Heroes - Guest Edition - Linux 140 MB
Version v1.5.1 - GUEST EDITION Aug 12, 2017

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